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 Amos Peggy
hunting pics 2010
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Amos The Mississippi Boy      &    Amos The Mississippi Gal X2
Pups here bloodline consistent of hounds like Pettit's Big John,Moorman's Midnight Brandy,
Double K Dixieland Bonnie, Boggy Holler Terry, River Run Hannah, FC Boggy Holler Buddie,
FC WRH Corey Collins,FC Bucks Pocket TJ,FC Double M's Cocoa Bear,FC Greenwoods Blue Creek Bear,FC Double M's Southern Belle,Red River Gay Babbit,FC Cooter's Boggy Holler Reject,
Delta's Flattown Sugar Girl,Jame's Wille,Buzzard Bay Bonnie,Boggy Holler Hank,D F J Loni M,
Boggie Holler Bandit,Cairo's Blue Turbo, Shumpert's Mollie,Hendrix Rock,R D P Flip Flop,
Rick's Preacher Cairo's John Pat, Skuna River Blue Jo Jo,Acuffs Blue Sheba,Shanco Blue Bill
Bigen,Moorman's Bootlegger Jake,Cumberland River Blue Lady,Loys Old Blue,Loy's Red Tick Pajon,
FC DFJ Murphy White,Old Jack's Sweetwater Red,FC Hamrick's Jo-Jo,Lake Side Maggie,
CHB Hank's Jo-Jo Blue,Chula Vista Ace(1976), Chula Vista Scrapper,South Fork JoJo,FC Weir Creek Ruff,
FC Wier Creek Buzz,Hand Time Boogie Susan,FC Jerry's Little Charlie,FC Boggy Holler Lucile,FC Wards Boggie Holler Tessie,FC Cherokee Double Stub,FC Bohnnland Sinbad(1959),FC Adirondack Banjo,FC Pearson Creek Jason(HA694871),FC Fish Creek Little Red,INT FC Sureplace Happy Boy(21May 1950),FC Wind Creek Limbo(21 Aug 1964),FC Bun-E-Line Bondsman(5 Oct 1962),
all i can say if your looking for some good blooded hounds you shouldnt look any farther pups here would be great for field trailing with proven hounds in the bloodline and you can take that to the bank....
Mr.Brian _OF Nashville Tn 10/08/2010
 Thank you very much New Home
New Home: Mr Rev Jones  Of OliveBranch Ms
New Home: Mr.Rev Jones Of OliveBranch,Ms
LiL Rev Jr, thank you both hope you love your gpy's
R Gant Honeywoods Drive On R Gant Gal
 Mr Robert Gant out of Louisiana
 Mr Robert Gant out of Louisiana
Thank you very much Mr & Mrs Preston Littlejohn
 From Corryton,Tn we hope you enjoy your beagles
March 17,2011  sold : male &female
puppy born 01/24/2011
Amos The Mississippi Baby Gal -Line Bred