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  Double M's Flow JO
Double M's Flow Jo GrandMother NSPC  FC Ted's Cindy Renee is in the SPO Hall Of Fame for 2009.
FC Ted's Cindy Renee is on the ESPO Broad Hall of Fame 2009
Puppy are here Born 6/28/2010
Bloodline consistent on the Dam side  hounds like FC Shorts Pro,FC Shorts Home Brew,FC Shorts Kate II,
Ted's Candy Ann,NSPC FC Ted's Cindy Renee, FC Iron Mike Delray  Rusty,FC Annie's Sandy Ann,
FC Jack's Iron Mike,FC Del Ray Stubby,FC Short's Little Gal,FC Short's Banker Boogie,FC Bondsman's Bo,
FC Haye's Little Benny Patch,Haye's Buddy Boy Butch,FC Holly Jump Supreme,CHB Short's Trail Boss,
FC Clark Semo Charlie,Tanglefoot Fidget,FC War Eagle Ace, FC Waltman's Joe,FC Delro Dora, FC Majer's One Spot,AM UBGF CHB Blurock Blue Boy,AM UBGF CHB Little Blue Gal Snoopy bloodline go's back far as 1932 on Dam's side..Now on the Sire side we have NSPC FC Choptalk Little Cooter,NSPC FC Postoak Little Nip Otis,Choptalk Relentless
Reba,FC Shorts Line Boss,FC Choptalk Ravishing Reba,Postoak Nikkie,FC In-Black Jack,Fc Canoe Creek Jeb Stuart,FC Rob's Diamond II, FC Buck Cannon's Muffin,FC Shoal Creek Hank Williams,Rocky Fork's Barbie Buster,
FC Goodwater Burt(1987),FC Canoe Creek Burt(1981),FC Goodwater Vanhook(1981),FC CHB B And W's Hard
Luck Skippy(1983),FC Canoe Creek Dominoe,Fairmont City Night Train,FC AM UBGF CHB Smith's Buzz Saw(1980),
FC Deer Park IKE(1978),And belive it or not FC Buck Cannon's Buck Wheat(1989),is out of FC Farler's K Buck(1987)
And Dam is Short's Jun(1987)FC Luci Van Little Man(1977),FC Get-A-Long Larry
FC Still Water Uncle Ben(1984),FC F-N-F's Two Toney,FC Jay And R's Tiny Barbie(1978),FC Puckett's Tommy T(1979)
FC Blurock Hobo(1978),FC Grassy Forks Dozer(1978),FC Sunnyline Ralphic(1972),AM UBGF CHB Dark Lady(1976),
FC Pearson Creek Pepper III,FC Hi Cliffy Blacky,FC Bondsman's Bo(1965),FC Wind Creek Limbo(1964),Hi Hill Sammy,
Hi Hill Frances,FC Bun-E-Line Bondsman(1962),FC Belvue Dotty II,FC Rube's John,
FC Twin K-L-Hill Timmy,FC Yellow Leaf Buttons,FC Weir Creek Ruff,Bohnnland Jenks,FC Cherokee King(1949),
FC Nixon Naughty Nancy,FC Rippling Run Ringer,FC Lan-Chester's Chief Leader(1943) FC Pearson Creek Dusty,
FC Black River Belle III,FC Pleasant Run Banker(1941),FC Gray's Linesman(1936),FC Pleasant Run Betty,
FC Sutton's Sport(1934),None Such Trudie Marie(1932),AM CH Yellow Creek Sport(1923),FC Shady Shores Select
(1920), FC Sheik Of Shady Shores(1918),Alibi Billy(1913),Thorpe Satchville Guider,Mrs Price's Driver 08,Thorpe Satchville Finder 01,East Lodge Music, Elora Trouncer,Elora White Spot, Elora Ringwell,
Thorpe Satchville Traveller(1899),Thorpe Satchville Nominal(1897),Mr Paiden's Countess
bloodline's go's far as 1897 before i was even thought lol.... but who ever theses breeder
of theses bloodlines knew what they were brewing up for the long Hunt good breeding is all Ms.J can say about that....
UPDATED 09/06/2010
Amos Honeywoods  Chattanooga K-Buck Gal
Amos Honeywoods Lil Man Make Room For Me and My Lil Jeep
Amos Honeywoods Where Did -U- Come From
R Gant Honeywoods R Gant Line Boss
Is back home we're she belongs.........8/23/2010
Thank you very much Mr.Freddie Beavers
New home thank you very much 10/8/2010 Mr.Brian_Nashville Tn
Mr Robert Gant out of Louisiana
Mr Robert Gant out of Louisiana
Thank you

Thank you Mr.Curd me and my husband would like to thank you and hope you enjoy your beagle hound it was a pleasure meeting you  and hope to see you again maybe on a hunt or on another beagle once again thank you Ms.J of LandJBeagleKennel
Sept 17,2011 Mr.Curd out of Knoxville,Tn